So there are already some problems with the common use of this passage. Let`s take a look at the context. This section deals with a theme that most churches completely neglect: ecclesiastical discipline. Jesus said: If you have a brother who sighs against you, then you must go to him and try to do so. If he refuses to admit his guilt, bring one or two other witnesses to help at work. So, including you, it would be two or three witnesses — do you recognize that sentence? It is not only repeated in these verses, but comes from the Old Testament (Deternomy 19:15 and more). In court proceedings, two or three witnesses were required to resolve a case. Before understanding the verse in its legitimate context, I never really noticed how much it is abundantly asked in, but now that I know the context, I scream a little when I hear well-meaning Christians throw it into well-intentioned prayers. The problem with the abuse of this verse is that the people who abuse it are not necessarily wrong what they say (that Jesus is with us when we pray and swear); They just took it out of context. « Jesus says that whenever the Church follows a process of reconciliation with someone and is involved in a process of reconciliation that has refused to turn around, she can be sure that God`s blessing is with them in their efforts.

In other words, when the Church makes judicial decisions on legal and unjust issues based on the truth of God`s Word, she should be able to trust in the fact that she is doing the right thing and that Christ himself is there with them, spiritually present in their midst. « In this sense, Jesus said that the Father would give the request of two or more who come together in the name of Christ and agree. A deal on what? On the discipline of the redemptive brother. This is what this passage is all about, and yet so many Christians use it as if Jesus promised to answer their prayers when they are offered in certain situations. Thus, we can trust that God will grant our prayers, if we follow him obediently and pray according to His will. If they have not lived the answered prayer, then perhaps you do not live in obedience and/or pray according to his will (or perhaps he answered and you did not recognize the answer, because he often responds in a way that we do not expect). « First of all, Jesus said `where two or three are gathered` in his name, so how could this apply to attitudes of four or more? And why will two or three believers come together so that Jesus may be in their midst? Isn`t he already present in every believer? So, even if a Christian prays, isn`t Jesus already there? Again, I tell you, if two of you on earth accept that they will touch anything they will ask, it will happen to them from my father, who is in the woods.- King James version (1611) – See 1611 Sweeping the Bible »Again, if two of you on earth agree on everything, what they may ask, it will be done for them by My Father, who is in heaven.- New Standard American version (1995)Again, if two of you will agree on earth to touch anything they will ask, it will happen to them to my Father who is in heaven.- American Standard version (1901)Again, I tell you, I tell you, I tell you For them to ask, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven.- English Bible basic I tell you: If two of you agree on the earth on anything they will ask for, they will come to them from my Father, who is in heaven.- Darby BibleLike I tell you, if two of you will agree on the earth, what they will ask, he will do for them.