In the public sector of B.C. there are approximately 306,000 unionized workers, the vast majority of whom have agreements that ended between March 31, 2010 and December 31, 2010. Vancouver Community College entered into a two-year tentative agreement with the Vancouver Community Faculty Association under the government`s mandate in 2010, Finance Minister Kevin Falcon said. The government has already announced its intention to control wage spending during this round of negotiations. In order to protect jobs and preserve the essential services on which Colombians depend, the province has no resources for further wage increases because collective agreements are renewed. The preliminary agreement includes approximately 950 employees who offer courses at the two Vancouver Community College sites. Members of the Faculty Association are expected to vote on the agreement by the end of May. More than two-thirds of these workers have in the meantime renegotiated contracts that were due to expire in 2010, including agreements covering 99% of health care workers. VCCFA has been a collective bargaining partner for all members of the Vancouver Community College faculty for more than 60 years. We are committed to promoting and maintaining good working conditions for all faculties. VANCOUVER – CUPE 4627, a support officer at Vancouver Community College, ratified a preliminary agreement that was reached last weekend. « VCC and the VCC Faculty Association have both worked hard to reach this interim agreement.

I congratulate everyone involved for providing students with a stable learning environment. « I would like to congratulate our Chief Negotiator, Jo Hansen, the Negotiating Committee and our national representative for their perseverance and commitment, » said CUPE 4627 President Chris Joyce. He stressed that negotiations began in July and that many meetings are needed to reach an agreement. « I recommend that VCC negotiators and faculty associations reach an interim agreement as part of the negotiations. This is another example of the kind of cooperation needed in these difficult times. If you have questions about your rights in the workplace, the best person you can talk to is a store steward. General requests can be directed to CUPE 4627. CUPE 4627 represents more than 600 support officers at Vancouver Community College, including offices, administrative, technical, warehouses, program assistants, cafeteria and library. Do you turn with Province B.C. to: All concerns, problems, or just want to know more about your rights as a faculty member of the Vancouver Community? The VCCFA is here to help and support you! Find out how seniority is calculated and check your right. Chris Joyce CUPE 4627 President 778.321.4627 Ross IdlerCUPE National Servicing Representative 604.291.1940 Janet SzliskeCUPE Communications Representative 604.454.7293 Click here for the final collective agreement 2014 – 2019. « All parties involved in the negotiations were strongly motivated to seek a solution in the best interests of VCC students.

Our Board of Directors and VCC`s management team appreciate this positive collaboration. CUPE 4627 is a member of CUPE National, Canada`s largest union. We represent the more than 600 employees of Vancouver Community College. We are proud, passionate and dedicated educators. The contract is retroactive to October 1, 2015 and includes excellent improvements in visual care, hearing aids and life insurance, as well as teeth and chiropractic. With regard to wages, the contract follows the current mandate of the State Government of 5.5 per cent over five years and includes the dividend for economic stability.