No ALS will be made available for posting and managing your Azure expenses, as this is a free service. Azure Monitor now integrates Log Analytics and Application Insights functions to monitor your app. You can continue to use Log Analytics and Application Insights as standalone services if you wish. See their respective SLAs below. It is interesting to note that some other Microsoft APIs have SLAs. Example: Many Azure services: Microsoft Teams SLA is documented in the Microsoft Online Services Level Agreement. The agreement is available to the public through Microsoft here. You should refer to this document as an author and not as my blog. I`m not a lawyer and the agreement is between Microsoft and the client, but here`s a breakdown of the main points. We guarantee at least 99.9% availability of Azure Active Directory Basic and Premium services. Services are considered available in the following scenarios: AKS does not offer a financially guaranteed service level agreement as a free service. We will strive to obtain at least 99.5% availability for the Kubernetes API server. The availability of agent nodes in your cluster is covered by SLA virtual machines.

For more information, you can find virtual machines in ALS. Microsoft therefore offers a service ALS compared to an ALS with 99.9 hours of operation per month, or up to 43 minutes 49.7 seconds of downtime per month before being exceeded. This corresponds to most other Office 365 services that also offer ALS with 99.9%. This ALS applies to all authorized calls placed by a voice service user in the subscription (activated for any type of VOIP or PSTN). Azure Container Registry is a free service, so it does not have an ALS with financial support. However, MEMORY ALS applies to the availability of the underlying memory. For more information, see SLA`s memory. It`s the ALS for Microsoft Team (and the typical ALS for other Office 365 services), but what about Microsoft Teams APIs? Would it be the same right? Actually, no. Microsoft provides service credits when service availability is covered by ALS, if the non-view of expense data is due to problems related to cross-cloud usage terminations, services outside Azure Cost Management, or customer changes in the Azure configuration. Microsoft says, « If we increase the main version of the API (z.B. from v1.0 to v2.0), we announce that the current version (in this example v1.0) will be immediately obsolete and that we will no longer support it 24 months after the announcement.

We can make exceptions to this directive for safety or reliability of service issues. From There is no specific ALS for the « phone system » and related PSTN services such as cloud car waiting and call queues. Of course, this applies to Office 365, which is why downtimes are calculated for all Office 365 users, and since Office 365 consists of many individual services, each service may be below these averages and have no real impact on the agency`s overall percentage of operating time. Depending on the location and usage model, percentages of working time higher or lower than overall operating times can be applied to individual customers. Reference: If customers also have direct routing, they must consider ALS on their direct routing and PSTN transit to get a complete picture of ALS for their users.