In a perfect world, the employer would openly and gracefully offer such an arrangement to any worker he has hired, but this world is far from perfect and it just doesn`t happen! Some employers will be prepared and have sent them over the time you finish the interview, others will blow you up by virtual tires to acquire one. You must be tenacious. For this reason, we strongly recommend that employers prepare a simple « employment contract » with general obligations, hours, departure/end dates and allowances. Both the employer and the workamper should sign the agreement and both should keep a signed copy. Employment contracts are not contracts, but they serve as a common agreement between the employer and the Workamper on what has actually been agreed. Sometimes you are hired months in advance, and even if you don`t, people sometimes forget all the details. So it`s just the employer`s word against you and you may not feel comfortable when you approach them differences once you`ve already arrived. [Note: If you provide accommodation and/or a meal in return for work, you must include a statement corresponding to the following in your employment contract: « In order to perform properly, this person must accept accommodation and/or meals provided by employers, as defined elsewhere in this Agreement. Under IRS rules, the value of accommodation and meals will not be included in your gross income. Contact your local accountant, as state rules may differ.] A special diet? If you have spoken specifically with the employer about a special agreement such as pre-defined schedules or dates you need to have, you will want to make sure that these points are also fully detailed on your employment contract! Once you have submitted your CV, accepted the interview and accepted the position, make sure your next step is to get everything in writing! When I say, you get it in writing, I`m not talking about a paper trace of the email, although in a pinch, it would work too. I am talking about a detailed work agreement that clearly specifies what is expected of you in your agreed position, what the hourly wage will be, how many hours, if any, will have to be paid for your site, among others, which are super important.

You should have this document signed and in hand before you lift your catch to get started! Look at this example of a work agreement to get a clear idea of what you should receive from each employer! Not all Workampers are good for all jobs. Employers must check candidates to ensure they are fit for the position. During the interview, employers should be sure that all candidates fully understand what is expected of them. Problems between workampers and employers are usually the result of poor communication. Being clear in advance can avoid misunderstandings later on. My third week of my first work experience is over…. You will probably meet with both types of employers, although I hope you have far fewer of these. Make sure you do your due diligence to ensure one for each position, and if you are not able – you have to decide if it is worth the time and effort to make the trip without them.