3. We deal with information that is relevant to these end-of-rent issues. This is done in our own legitimate interest. They must ensure that the property in good possession is returned to us and that all reasonable financial claims made by one party against the other party are dealt with properly. This includes our obligations to repay deposits in order to fulfill our contractual obligations between us and the rental deposit system in which the deposit is protected. Lease and property management for contractual delivery. We also inform the guarantors of the claims and commitments for the contractual execution of the guarantee. It is in our own legitimate interest and in the interest of the surety to provide and obtain information on non-compliance with rental obligations, including non-paying and other payments. Our interest is to protect our property rights and enforce our rights and the interests of the surety, so that the guarantor is aware of any liability within the framework of the guarantee. Assistance and advice in the management of the lease and property during the contractual execution. If we treat your data under another gateway and a professional advisor helps them or advises them for the same use and under the same legal gateway. If it is in the legitimate interest of ourselves or someone else, then those interests will be the same. They must assure us that we are acting appropriately and correctly and in accordance with the law.

· Deposit (if it exists) with return in case of termination of lease 4. We take care of information about your health or disability and the health of others, depending on the circumstances, to help us manage the lease and property. This can be used to protect your vital interests. This may apply alternately to the contractual benefit if it affects your ability to meet your contractual obligations under the lease. It is in our own legitimate interest that we be told about a disease that affects you. Thus, we are aware of the potential impact on you. Estoppel`s letter is a confirmation that you are not in dispute with your landlord and that you do not have a plan to come to conduct a dispute with your landlord. You`ll confirm that everything is fine, everything is fine with your lease. The lessor does so at the request of a lender if the landlord refinanced the mortgage on the building, or for a potential buyer of the building who does not want to buy it in a tenant share. Landlords have a less favourable attitude towards tenants who use Estoppel`s letter request as leverage to secure a certain profit.

What leases often don`t offer is a nondisturbance clause that is the flip of Estoppel`s letter. A non-disruption provision stipulates that the landlord who is late in the real estate mortgage is not a basis for the evacuation of the tenant by the mortgage holder after the enforcement, as long as the tenant is in a state of burden under the rental agreement.