Agreements are post-adoption agreements that allow contact between the adoptive family and the birth mother or other members of the birth family. They must ensure that all stakeholders are aware of the type of contact (letters, images, videos, visits, etc.) and how contact is made (once a month, once a year, etc.). « Utah and Vermont limit agreements to children who have been adopted in the care sector. Wisconsin limits these agreements to adoptions by in-laws and parents. Contact agreements applicable in Indiana are limited to children as young as 2 years old. For children under 2 years of age, non-opposable agreements are allowed as long as the type of contact does not include the visit. Alabama allows a child`s grandparents to visit after adoption only if the child has been adopted by a step-parent or other parent. Oklahoma allows adoption by a parent only if the child has lived with the parent prior to the adoption. Regardless of the legality of an agreement, you will receive your expectations in writing with your agency or lawyer. If open adoption agreements are legally applicable in your country, you should, as an adoptive parent or birth parent, ensure that the agreement is submitted properly. Ultimately, adoption agreements are open for the sake of your child and each party should remember that they are honest and active participants in maintaining the agreement for the child. This motivation is the key to maintaining healthy relationships and continuing to succeed in your open adoption agreement.

It says: « While most birth parents are up for adoption, knowing that adoptive parents have the right to amend the agreement at any time, not everyone is informed. And while many adoptive parents intend to terminate the agreement, too many people miss it once the adoption is over. Although there is no standard format for contact agreements after adoption, the purpose of such an agreement is to indicate the nature of the contact (letters, emails, phone calls or face-to-face contacts), the frequency of that contact, and the number of years the contact continues. As soon as the birth and adoption parents accept the terms of the post-adoption contact agreement, the agreement must be approved by the court.